General Physics II - a.y. 2016/2017


CFU: 6

Period (Year/Semester): I/II

Languade: Italian

Required/expected prior knowledge: General Physic I

Maurizio Paolillo - Class/Place A-E Fuorigrotta
Michele Iacovacci - Class/Place F-R Fuorigrotta
Maurizio Paolillo - Class/Place S-Z Fuorigrotta
Michele Iacovacci - Class/Place A-I San Giovanni a Teduccio
Maurizio Paolillo - Class/Place J-Z San Giovanni a Teduccio

Course objectives:
Achievement of basic concepts in electromagnetism that will allow the student to solve basic problems.

Tables of contents:
Electric force and electric charge, Coulomb law. Electric field. electrostatic potential. The electric dipole. Forces and momenta on a dipole. Flux of a vector field, Gauss' theorem. Capacitors. Dielectrics. Energy density of the electric field. Electric field near conductors. The electric current. Ohm's law. Electric circuits. Kirchoff laws. RC circuit. Magnetic field. Lorentz force. Forces and momenta on circuits. Magnetic field produced by a current. Ampere's law. Gauss's law for magnetism. Magnetism in matter. Faraday's law, induction. RL circuit. Energy density of the magnetic field. Maxwell's equations. Electromagnetic waves . 

Education method:
Lessons, Individual and group exercises.

Textbooks and learning aids:
Fisica Vol. 2, Elettromagnetismo e onde, di Massimo Nigro, Paolo Mazzoldi, Cesare Voci 
Fisica 2, di David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Kenneth S. Krane 

Assessment will be written and oral. Question are: numerical exercises.

Seminars/Workshop with CFU

 Ship logistics and management 

Seminario sulle tendenze della gestione della nave e della logistica navale

Webinar - Utilizzo dell'idrogeno a bordo

Webinar - Utilizzo dell'idrogeno a bordo

29 Aprile 2020 ore 18.00

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